Environment Week is so close!

Hello Edmonton!

Environment Week, June 3-9 2012, is coming up fast! What will you be doing to create a more sustainable Edmonton?

For starters, come and check out all the events happening that week! From tradeshows to talks from industry experts, Edmonton’s Environment Week will be stuffed full of events for everyone!

Not only that, but there will be prizes to be won, including a Free home Solar Panel Installation! We will keep updating our pages as more prizes come available, and we’ll post again when the contest starts!

Keep an eye on the blog, and make sure you mark your calendars for June 2nd, when we’ll be at McIntyre Gazebo Park (Next to the old Strathcona Farmer’s Market) from 10am to 3pm for our kick off party!

See you then!

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About Environment Week Edmonton

Environment Week celebrates Edmonton’s environment. It is a great time for Edmontonians to host and attend events that include some learning, some fun and some action. Action is doing something on purpose to lessen your impact on the environment. Celebrating and action projects are great ways to bring a community together towards a greener future. Participating in local Environment Week events is a great way to discover easy things you can do for the environment. The choices you make – big and small – really do make a difference because your action counts!

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