Green Energy Futures lets you keep up with Green

Green Energy Futures is a new multi-media series about people involved in green energy solutions at home, in their businesses or their communities. Every week they produce an online video, a mini radio feature, a blog, photos and newspaper column on people involved with everything from solar to geothermal energy. Does geothermal make sense in your home? How can I get solar on my home or business. Or who is Canada’s biggest wind energy entrepreneur? Learn all this and more.

Here is a sample video story on Enmax’ Generate Choice solar program for Alberta homeowners. Learn more at

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About Environment Week Edmonton

Environment Week celebrates Edmonton’s environment. It is a great time for Edmontonians to host and attend events that include some learning, some fun and some action. Action is doing something on purpose to lessen your impact on the environment. Celebrating and action projects are great ways to bring a community together towards a greener future. Participating in local Environment Week events is a great way to discover easy things you can do for the environment. The choices you make – big and small – really do make a difference because your action counts!

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    • Hi Sandeep,

      That is odd, I am able to hear it when I test it out. Do you hear the music at the beginning of the clip, or no sound at all?

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